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Now with my family raised I find myself having the time to get back to my first love. I feel like I have come full circle and recently re-engaged the watercolor media that I enjoyed so long ago.

My love of watercolor painting started at a very young age!
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When I look back it’s hard not to conclude that my love of art goes all the way back to elementary school. Focused on my art, it stuck with me all through my formative years culminating in receiving several commendations in various media in high school and college. I never thought much about them at the time, but now realize how much it meant to me to have affirmations for the time spent even if it was something I enjoyed so much.
One of my greatest challenges was finding the time to devote myself fully enough to further develop my abilities. As so often is the case, early aspirations give way to a career and raising a growing family with all the joy and love that brings. During that time I found myself become involved with a number of pursuits all tracing back to art at their core, most of them in the design field. Fashion, Floral, Interior, and Graphic Design dominated most of that time. Most recently I have been designing beautiful edible art with cupcakes and cookies being my canvas.
Sweet Steele Edible Art  •  2015
Central, East and Southeast Colorado Regional Exhibition
Denver Discovery Entry  •  1992
Highlands Ranch Mansion
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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